About Me - Edwin Fabian


I've  been a professional DJ for over 15 years DJ'ing  at bars and clubs in and around the Bay. I'm currently a DJ for Spintronix Entertainment doing private events and parties such as weddings and corporate gatherings.

In the past few years I've branched out from DJing to photography. I mainly do portraits for friends and family but have done occasional shoots for fellow cosplayers.

Speaking of cosplay, I also have a passion for movies, television and video games. I'm a big fan of Halloween and making custom costumes. This led me down the path of making my own Stormtrooper armor and joining the 501st Legion. With the 501st, I appear at different volunteer events in costume as a real life Stormtrooper.

I consider myself a "Jack-of-all Trades" and am excited to work with others! 

For booking information please contact me at



Thanks to my wife Bonnie for always supporting me in pursuing all my crazy hobbies. 

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